I am about to go through all the different applications that I have on this Mac and attempt to winnow them. Then, I need to do the same for all my other machines. Yes, I have done this before and yes I have written about it before (e.g. here). Appluenza is difficult to extinguish! I call up 1-Password. Increasingly […]

Across the years I have tried dictation software with mixed results. Oddly enough I was testing this kind of teaching/learning tool  (but in the company of a different dog) six years ago on this date! Here are some of my earlier misadventures—they still make me laugh! Right now I am using Nuance’s new Mac upgrade of […]

Dog tired as I try to bring the semester to a soft landing, I rely more and more on my student assistants to provide support in my research efforts. I invited student research assistants Alison and Arianna to investigate the usefulness of Scoop.it.” as a teaching/learning tool. Here are their preliminary thoughts. Scoop.it is a […]

I am sandwiching in (actually eating donuts!) some brief writing time between my two labs for Statistics and Experimental Design (PSY205). The students seem to have indeed come in prepared, having looked at the screen cast I had made using Screenflow for them about how to do a two-way, between subjects ANOVA with SPSS. One […]

Others can better express these things than I. Hence, the repost of these important ideas: Bloggers in France, Lebanon, and beyond share their stories, analyses, and art after a week of violence. Source: “Don’t be who ISIS wants you to be”: Bloggers on Paris and Beirut We need to reaffirm our humanity and  rediscover our common […]

A new learning tool that Dr. Simpson introduced us to recently is Skitch. From what we have discovered so exploring the capabilities of this app it is very useful for easily creating visual aids. You can take a screenshot or upload an image you already have. One can either take a screenshot of the entire screen (full-screen) or  select what […]

Just finished reading an eclectic, creative book from the Bloombury Literary Studies  “Object Lessons” series by colleague John Garrison about Glass. I always enjoy reading things written by individuals who write better than I, see things which I don’t, and who alter my myopic perspective. John’s “object lesson” for some reason triggered my thinking again about (over) […]

Rapidly growing and expanding, LinkedIn is a social network for professional collaboration that facilitates connecting with classmates, faculty, and colleagues. Users create an online profile and can provide as much information about themselves as they see pertinent. To this profile, users can add “connections” to other individuals and build their online social network. LinkedIn creates a profile comprised of an individual’s […]

  Too many APPS. Too little time to master them. I’ve struggled with this issue before. Here (read me) and here and here and here:). I decided to consult with some members of what Howard Gardiner referred to as the “APP Generation”. Here is what several of them told me are “must-have” apps for college/university […]

After learning more about the Top 100 Learning Tools by Jane Hart, we decided to revisit them from the perspectives of how we have been using the tools in our lives or how our opinions have changed about some of them. One of the tools we looked at was Twitter. With our research team, we debated how Twitter was […]

Dr. Simpson had the thought of making a video on the unique sounds of Carroll University. Alison and Lizzy decided to walk around campus taking recordings of sounds and pictures of the scenes. They decided to share  their pictures and recordings using iMovie. Here is the video that they made.

Today Dr. Simpson and I had a chance to play around with his mother’s old IMac desktop computer, which we refer to as Pat after his mother. Our objective today was to see if Pat would benefit our research team even though some of the apps are outdated. As we were testing different apps, we […]

One of the Top 100 Learning Tools from Jane Hart that the research team wanted to learn more information about was Evernote. Each person individually made their own account to learn more about Evernote and share information. From what we have explored on Evernote so far, one can make to-do lists and gather information from […]

I’ve been reflecting lately on my role as faculty adviser to undergraduates here at Carroll and about those faculty who played such a crucial role in that capacity for me. Without doubt their influence shaped how and why I relate to students and former students as I do. At Oberlin College my most influential adviser was […]

Over the past couple of weeks, we have explored different short videos on how to create an iMovie. After watching these videos, we decided to give iMovie a try of our own. Our first video was a short and sweet film of us talking about one of Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools, iMovie. We […]

I’ve invited (required) my student research assistants to choose a technology learning tool and to write for me a “guide-book” explaining how the tool is useful to them as students. The guide-book must include hypertext links, a video, cross-reference some of my blog posts about these topics, and be germane to undergraduate students. Here is the first […]

Inspired by the release of Jane Hart’s latest 2015 Learning Tool Guidebook (well worth the purchase and careful reading), my students and I are in the process of writing Student Guides to the tools THEY find of most value at this point in their lives. Initially we’ll release them as blog posts. We welcome feedback. At the end […]

Now that I’ve returned to writing this blog with some regularity, I’ve begun to have a sense of the directions I hope to take it—or it to take me. My present thoughts are to write more regularly, to do more collaborative writing with students (my students write so well—here are Arianna’s thoughts on “engagement”), and occasionally to […]

Dr. Simpson wanted us to go through Jane Hart’s Best of Breed (subsets of the Top 100 leaning tools) looking at ten tools we would like to learn about or learn better. The first tool we looked at was under the category Blogging and Website Tools. The tool we would like to learn better is WordPress. […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about lions lately. Lions are so prevalent in art and literature across time and across cultures. Lions are in the news today: I just read about the Copenhagen controversy concerning dissection as an educational tool. Not to long ago was the controversy about the  killing of Cecil. Two weeks ago I attended Benjamin Scheuer’s Milwaukee Repertory’s […]

As I have written elsewhere, I have a long fascination with language and language learning and find very useful the compilations that Jane Hart makes of language learning resources. I continue to be wary of language translation software though it seems to becoming better and better. On my short list is to investigate Duolingo. A student (Luis […]

She’s done it again! My revered “across the pond” virtual mentor and friend Jane Hart has recently shared her compilation of Top Learning Tools. I still struggle with how best to use these tools in the classroom, in my own personal learning development, and in my consulting business. This year the Top 10 Tools on Jane’s list are: […]

One of the many lessons I’ve learned from many years of teaching is how much I learn through the act of teaching. It recently occurred to me that one way to facilitate my students’ learning of statistics is to position them to teach it. Below is a video created by two of my students illustrating how […]

Alison Lehman A Look Back at the Once Unknown As time flies by, I am going into my third year at Carroll University. If you would have asked me four years ago if I would be at the place I am today or doing what I am today, I would have said no way. I […]

I continue to experiment with my “best” course to make it better by finding the right balance of technology-assisted and personally- delivered instruction. I have been pleased at the helpfulness, useful feedback and receptiveness of students as we “experiment.” I just made a Screenflow screencast of what I taught in lab this week (using SPSS to create […]

No longer can I ignore the emails from campus indicating that Fall semester will soon begin. Nor can I put off too much longer that manuscript review which is due September 3. Time to doff my invisibility cloak and return to campus rejuvenated, reinvigorated, enriched by extensive reading, and with a clear (closely guarded) plan […]

The sound of the bagpiper at Opening Convocation has almost settled. I’m proctoring the 2nd of two two-hours exams I am giving today—and reflecting as I begin teaching year number 38 at Carroll. I first got into the habit of awakening at 5:30 am. and being on campus by 7:00 a.m. when I was Faculty and […]

Caveat Lector: This blog piece is laden with hypertext links that lead you to additional thoughts I have about these learning tools! With the deadline for responding to Jane Hart’s annual list of top learning tools imminent, here are my present thoughts on my top technology learning tools: Reading: I need tools that increases the […]

I am blessed here at school with the opportunity to interact with a number of bright, creative, and fun to be with colleagues. Those interactions, whether in person or via social media, invariably both humble me and enrich me and my teaching. Today I shared with my students a poem written by Antler which my […]

Shoveling Cleaning my office today I came across this history of the spell checker poem  “Candidate for a Pullet Surprise:” “I have a spelling checker, It came with my PC. It plane lee marks four my revue Miss steaks aye can knot sea…” I sometimes use it as a “screen” for hiring student assistants who can […]

I confess that I am addicted to buying office and school supplies and have been since I was a first-grader. With the beginning of classes imminent (and the deadline for Jane Hart’s top  tools for learning survey on the horizon), it’s time to go to revisit my school toolbox. See Profhacker (and do a search for “tools”) […]

I am sitting in front of my Mac in the office listening to the hammering of destruction construction outside while I do the homework to ask intelligent, informed questions of President Hastad and our invited speaker. I am delighted to have just received a “check-in” from my research assistant Tia. Right now preparation for playing soccer (and […]

I see that Carroll University’s theme this year is “Change.” Here are some possible avenues to explore: Petitioning Change Climate Change Social Change Language Change LGBTU Creating Change Change Through Charitable Contributions Champions of Change Playing for Change Quotations Behavior Change  

Lord Byron said it well …  

  DO I HAVE A DEAL  DECAL FOR YOU! I just discovered several hundred decals that I must have obtained from our Alumni Office (when it was called that) when my students and I used to do surveys of Carroll COLLEGE alumni.  I consider these priceless memorabilia but I am willing to give them to any […]

I am sitting in front of my Mac in the office listening to the hammering of destruction construction outside while I do the homework to ask intelligent, informed questions of President Hastad and our invited speaker. I am delighted to have just received a “check-in” from my research assistant Tia. Right now preparation for playing soccer (and […]

Tonight I’ll finish reading Meg Wolitzer’s novel The Interestings. I teased my student assistants recently that I’d love to follow the trajectory of their lives over the next thirty years as Meg Wolitzer does her characters.In some ways I have been able to do that for past students, by comparing where they are now (as […]

The transition to OS-X Yosemite seems to have resulted in minimum messups. A few incompatibility issues but none that warranted my reverting back to an earlier version. I really would do myself a service by committing to one browser (I favor Chrome) and a manageable number of regularly used browser extensions (say, 7 to 9 […]

I seem to return to certain topics—like reducing virtual desk top clutter. I am once again in the process of reviewing “applications”—I’ve installed (first on my Mac, then on my Ipads, then on my PC’s).I read a thoughtful piece in the New York Times this morning suggesting that the urge to declutter or the perceptions of succeeding […]

Three books that I have reread the past few years are George Orwell (Eric Blair)’s 1984 and Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. George Orwell fascinates me on a number of accounts—his mastery of language, his prescience, and his outlook about politics. While […]

        Good recent research suggests that repeated testing enhances learning. How can I best incorporate those important findings into my courses? As a beginning, I have revisited a piece of software,StarQuiz, (originally developed by a high school student) that has proven useful and reliable since I discovered it about 10 years ago. There is something […]

Continuing my reflections on cascading into the classroom technology learning tools I’ve explored the past 7 years thanks to influence of Jane Hart … A wonderful tool for teaching about random sampling and random assignment is available through the generosity of Scott Plous who created the invaluable online resource Social Psychology Network. I introduce students to […]

Learning never ends. I am continuing to explore the value of technological learning tools to make my best course, PSY205, even better. Initial student feedback has been quite favorable. In the past two weeks I have experimented with Quizlet and SurveyMonkey. Tomorrow I shall introduce screencasts using Screenflow and Vimeo. IntrotoScreenFlow from David Simpson on Vimeo. […]

A canceled meeting! How best to make use of that unexpected 50 minutes—that gift of time. I know, let’s see whether this new faster, better, WordPress.com Mac app lives up to its promise. How best to use this unexpected time? Catch up on the last 10 Profhacker blog pieces that sit on my RSS feed? […]