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More Resources for Better Understanding Your Academic Institution of Higher Education

Subsequent to hearing remarks by Carroll University President Doug Hastad about “Changes at Carroll”, attendees heard a presentation “The end of the ‘gilded age’ in higher education” by Kevin Crockett (President of Ruffalo Noel Levit’z enrollment management division) about changes in post secondary enrollment trends. The August 27, 2015 Waukesha Freeman article is available online. In an earlier post (found here) I offered ten resources that may help an individual  better (or put into context) the health of his/her academic institution. I actually enjoyed the consultant’s quality data-filled 69-slide PowerPoint presentation (though several of my colleagues’ reactions reminded me of the infamous “Death by Powerpoint” and “PowerPoint is Evil” internet compositions.

…and here is a link to the U.S. Department of Education’s  data base “trove” that drives the data base. Let all of us users use it wisely.

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