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Putting a Positive “SPN” on Social Psychology

As I teach Social Psychology at Carroll for the last time, I welcome feedback from former students, former Ohio State social psychology classmates and professors, fellow social psychologists, and present students about what should be taught in the courses and how it should be taught.  I have always been impressed by the under heralded contributions of Scott Plous in his creation of the Social Psychology Network. Thank you, Scott, for your many contributions and your rekindling my interest in the discipline.  There are so many social psychologists whom I continue to admire and learn from, even if vicariously.

I’ve invited my students to visit the SPN network as a starting point.

In addition, I have revisited Mahzarin Banaji’s original call for an APS Wikipedia Initiative , become an APS Wikipedia Fellow, and am having my students participate in the Wiki Education foundation program under my aegis.

So much to learn and to share. I welcome your comments and feedback about how to give the fundamental principles and ideas of social psychology away and to make the world a better place.

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