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Curious David

A Student Guide to EverNote’s Skitch Feature


A new learning tool that Dr. Simpson introduced us to recently is Skitch. From what we have discovered so exploring the capabilities of this app it is very useful for easily creating visual aids. You can take a screenshot or upload an image you already have. One can either take a screenshot of the entire screen (full-screen) or  select what part of the screen will be in the screenshot (screen snapshot). You can edit the picture by adding arrows, highlighting, and adding annotations.Text boxes can be added to the images for further explanation. One can also add ovals, circles, or squares on the image to emphasize where you wish the reader to focus. The pixilate feature on Skitch allows one to blur out sections of the image. One can also use the “marker tool” to draw lines, words, or shapes on top of the image. The highlighter tool  allows one to call attention to the main points of the image. Words that are highlighted will not be covered up by the highlighter but rather will be emphasized. Moreover, the highlighter, marker, text, and shapes can be customized with different colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, pink, orange, or even a customized color.

Once one has completed the image, the file can be saved in multiple formats including JPG, Skitch JPG, PNG, PNG Skitch, TIFF, GIF, BMD, and PDF. One can also share their image on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. In addition the image can also be saved to your computer, your Evernotes, or emailed to other individuals.

Here is a video that was created by Evernote illustrating some of the features we described above that one can use with Skitch.


We are in the process of making our own more detailed Skitch and Evernote student guide which will be included in our forthcoming e-book. Do let us know if you would be interested in it.

We would appreciate any feedback from personal experiences using Skitch or Evernote.

Curious David

Preliminary Thoughts on Evernote from Alison and Lizzy’s Perspective

One of the Top 100 Learning Tools from Jane Hart that the research team wanted to learn more information about was Evernote. Each person individually made their own account to learn more about Evernote and share information.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.36.05 AM

From what we have explored on Evernote so far, one can make to-do lists and gather information from classes, work life, or any other activities in a single folder. Evernote also allows individuals to attach photos or audio recordings to notes and share these files among colleagues, family, friends, or classmates. In Evernote, groups can also be created with other individuals to allow sharing between groups of messages, links, notes, or audio recordings. Using Evernote, one can take photos, record audio messages, set reminders, and send text messages. Evernote can also be accessed on any device. One is also able to create notes, take photos, or record audio messages without the need of Wi-Fi. Once the individual is reconnected to Wi-Fi, all the files will be synced to the notes and accessible on any device. Here is a link that we found with some helpful information to be a “master” of Evernote.

Evernote allows the ease of communication between individuals. For example, the research team has a group started on Evernote to collaborate information between one another. We can share photos, audio recordings, send messages, or share notes between one another. Evernote also allows individuals to set reminders for themselves, this can come in handy for meetings, classes, or sports practices. Reminders can also be synced to their calendar on their smart phone or the computer’s calendar. From our perspective, Evernote seems to provide easy access to its multiple features which are useful in our case with sharing documents between our research group of five individuals. On the other hand, we do not see using Evernote for our own personal use outside of the research team. Most of our notes from classes are hand written, we use other software programs to collaborate with partners on projects, and when composing videos or taking photos, we like to use editing software to edit our clips before doing anything with them.

Here are our preliminary thoughts on Evernote and we would love any feedback on how Evernote has impacted your lives in any shape or form.