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Now that I’ve returned to writing this blog with some regularity, I’ve begun to have a sense of the directions I hope to take it—or it to take me. My present thoughts are to write more regularly, to do more collaborative writing with students (my students write so well—here are Arianna’s thoughts on “engagement”), and occasionally to write a lengthy Chronicle of Higher Education or New York Times quality thought piece (such as a response to this interesting survey about “faculty engagement“).

I have just finished rereading Janet Majure’s wonderful Teach Yourself Visually WordPress, and have benefited much from studying online WordPress instructional resources.   Consequently, I feel I now have an ability to master and manage this WordPress.com blogging software.

Some of my most creative bursts of ideas are engendered after extensive manual labor cutting grass, chain-sawing, picking apples, walking the dog and being engaged in other outdoor physical or recreational activity at North Lake.I’m thinking that one distinct thread of writing I want to explore will deal with technology applications to higher education. Another will have the theme of “David in Carroll Land” (perhaps co-authored with invited students, alumni, or other members of the Carroll family). A third will deal with whatever comes to mind (as has been in the past). A fourth focus will deal with contemporary or local issues, and a fifth will just be intended to provoke thinking—perhaps though parody.

I welcome any reader feedback about these new directions. Am I being too ambitious? Will I have any readers? Is this a positive direction to go—or is it, in fact, directionless?

Blogs post topics  that I’ve been considering writing about in the near future include:

  • How can students best be served by academic advising?
  • My last lecture (things I would finally say)
  • Thank you, Diederik Stapel, for the lessons you taught me by your dishonesty.
  • Global Education
  • My most (in)formative learning experiences
  • Lessons learned from my dogs
  • (Oh) Dear Carroll Alumni
  • On Immortality
  • Time
  • How technology distances/enables/empowers/enslaves us
  • Reaching out, reaching within
  • How to kill a college
  • Loss of innocence
  • Kindness
  • The psychology of … (curiosity, religion)
  • Why I don’t give a Twit
  • Where do writing ideas come from?
  • What I wanna be when I grow up?
  • Distinguishing Science from Pseudo Science
  • Language—Leaving no Rosetta stone unturned
  • What is meant by “engaged: faculty and students?

Which of these, dear reader would you like to see and, hopefully, discuss? I welcome your input, encouragement, and assistance.

Posted by Professor David Simpson

Professor of Psychology, Carroll University (USA), Lover of Dogs, Reading, Teaching and Learning. Looking for ways to enhance cross-global communication and to apply technology learning tools. Interested in brain health maintenance, brain fitness training, and truth in advertising.


  1. Hi, Emily! The new pup is sound asleep by me. We are delighted that I have at least ONE reader.
    I definitely want to hear about YOUR ideas and welcome your contributions. That academic advising topic is very high on my list.
    David S.

  2. Emily Vandenbush October 26, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    Hey Dr Simpson!
    Remember me? I had you for social psychology a couple years ago. I graduated last May but still receive notifications for your blog posts to see what’s happening. Anyways, I see you welcome thoughts so figured I would give you mine, or at least comment on yours. The topics in your list of future writing endeavors are really great. We share quite a few, as I have an ongoing list of interesting topics to research, and I return to it each time another idea springs to mind spontaneously. In terms of your own list, a few stood out to me as being curious and wonderful and intriguing! Particularly,
    How can students best be served by academic advising? (I could talk for hours on this topic!)
    My last lecture (things I would finally say)
    Lessons learned from my dogs
    (Oh) Dear Carroll Alumni
    On Immortality
    The psychology of … (curiosity, religion)
    Where do writing ideas come from?

    This isn’t to say the rest of your list isn’t interesting. It’s just that these really jumped out at me and remind me of my own ever growing list! To answer your question, your thoughts on these topics in the future would be welcomed and most definitely read!

    Hope all is well with you (and the new pup!)
    Emily Vandenbush

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