This year’s Carroll Campus-wide year-long theme was “Citizenship” so I thought it might be appropriate to share this discussion between two “senior citizens”:).  Alison is one of my two graduating senior research assistants. She will be attending graduate school at Illinois State in the Fall.

Posted by Professor David Simpson

Professor of Psychology, Carroll University (USA), Lover of Dogs, Reading, Teaching and Learning. Looking for ways to enhance cross-global communication and to apply technology learning tools. Interested in brain health maintenance, brain fitness training, and truth in advertising.


  1. It would have been a good fit for you. I’ve had a number of students get a good edcuation there. A good friend from Ohio State teaches there.

  2. I looked at Ill State, for grad school. If I had gone for my Ph.D. It was one of my choices. Congrats to her. I did like the campus.

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