Hulu allows high density TV/Video to be incorporated into blogs. Try searching for Web 2.0 videos.

Web 2.0 Tools JING

Top Web 2.0 Tools (Is JING a Good Thing?)

Here is a screen capture with voice over using my Mac and Techsmith’s free tool Jing. Try using it in your blog.
Here are some frequently asked questions about JING .
How might this tool be of use to members of the Carroll Community?

Web 3.0 Evangelist?

Reflections While Blogging Tonight

Look at my cluttered desktop above (click on the JPEG to see the screenshop taken with SnagIt). Cluttered with Web 2.0 tools waiting for me to fully master, evaluate, and teach.

Doggy is snoring by my feet. My First Year Seminar students are sending me their first formal blogs as I type this. So far I am pleased by their efforts.

I’m pondering whether I should request release time of two course next year to more fully develop my mastery of these Web 2.0 tools and to promulgate their use to other faculty and interested students. Every day I discover a new application which has high potential for learners. What do you think> Cast a vote.

So much to learn. Should I give up two classes next year and in return use taht time to become a Web 3.0 tools educator for all interested faculty and students? Write a book? It’s a tempting idea since time is such a precious commodity and i think that i now have the knowledge base, the momentum, and the student talent. Carpe diem?

There are so many NEAT and potentially useful gadgets. And I believe that the potential readers of this blog actually know that if there is a hypertext link, they might be rewarded by clicking it!

Here for example is a way for students to search for Psychology topics on the Social Psychology Network.

Time to return through the Looking Glass. (Ask Alice).
Even more curious in Carroll Land and seeking help.

Curious David

Getting Started

Curious how each piece of blog authoring software takes getting used to. I’m looking for something as close to what I used when I was writing the “Curious David” column JSOnline yet will allow me to share the many things I now know are possible.

I’m writing this on my Mac। I hope to make this blog useful and of interest especially to my students and former students.


Dog Years (Dog Days)

It’s odd to rediscover the earlier posts. Robin now is three (and a svelte 127 pounds). She has had two major ACL operations and has matured into a wonderful, if idiosyncratic companion. She might even think the same of me, though Debbie is without doubt her first love.

And oh how my blogging experiences have matured (and blogging has changed) since I first explored this tool. I had a year’s experience blogging as “Curious David” for the educational community JSOnline and explored Web 2.0 Learning Tools while teaching a course at Carroll university.


How does this blogging tool different from others?

The price is right. Format-wise, it seems much like that of the JSOnline (The Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel).


Another blogging tool which I have experimented is Blogger which is owned by Google.

A third such tool which I have played with is Edublogs.

Is this the future of writing?

Which do you prefer? Why?


Robin Studying to Get Into Puppy School Posted by Picasa


Katerina and Newf Friend Posted by Picasa


Does Robin have the "right stuff" to be accepted into puppy school?

Today Robin applied to the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club Puppy School. Will she be accepted? How will she handle rejection? How will we???

Other adventures today included meeting Sunny the Culligan salt delivery man, meeting Art and Max on Art’s porch (nose to nose and nose to butt), and a trip to the Johnson Creek outlet mall. Alas, upon our return trip as we were scouting out the puppy school, the “Engine Needs Service Soon” light came on in the Voyager.


Major progress!

Today Robin was confined in the mud room while we met with Dean London. Dean, bless him, fixed the gate to the fence. So now Robin can run loose.

Upon our daily return from Petco, Robin showed an instinctive response to retrieving Glenn’s big ball when we played in the front yard!

She also now can climb the front steps!